Getting the right images and understanding usage rights is key to creating and working securely, and in compliance with the law. Knowing what you are legally able to do avoids future issues with anything you create. We want you to be secure and covered for your entire image and multimedia needs.
What is copyright?
Copyright is a legal right registered by individuals or organizations to be the only one to reproduce, publish, or productize and sell a literary, musical, or artistic work. It is important to know if the images that you use are copyrighted, and to ensure you have permission from the copyright owners to use the images in the format you are considering. All Clipart content is copyrighted. Our terms and conditions, and license agreements provide proper usage rights so you can feel confident when choosing us.
What is royalty-free?
A royalty-free image or content license is one where the purchaser pays a one-time fee and is able to use the image many times within the terms and conditions of the vendor's license agreement. The "free" in royalty-free does not mean there is no cost for the license, but that you may use the item many times in different formats without having to pay additional fees. Clipart images and content available from Animation Factory,, School Edition and all provide royalty-free licenses for hassle-free use.
Information regarding our licensing options, as well as the legal terms and conditions for the web sites, is available at the following links:

Animation Factory: Web Site Terms Web Site Terms License Information School Edition: Web Site Terms School Edition: License Information Terms of Use FAQ

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